Bloc Bills Payment allows you to buy electricity units, airtime/data, and pay TV subscriptions via our API and dashboard.

We support 9 out of 11 Discos in Nigeria, all 4 major telcos (MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile, and GLO), and popular pay TV services (DSTV, GOTV, and Startimes).

Pricing & commissions

It costs you zero to integrate and go live with our Bills Payment API. Additionally, we pay you a commission every time you pass a successful bills payment transaction on our API.


How commissions work:

When a customer successfully pays their bill via our API on your platform, we pay you a percentage of the transaction amount. This percentage varies depending on the service they paid for.

We settle this payment in your organization revenue account accessible on the Bloc dashboard, and you can withdraw it whenever you want.


Helpful tip:

We typically recommend that you add an extra processing fee when your customer makes a bill payment. This is 100% yours and does not affect the commission we will pay you.

Here’s a list of service providers you can access on our Bills Payment API and the percentage commission you earn:

Service providersWe pay you
Eko Disco1.70% (capped at ₦1,500)
Jos Disco2.20%
Kano Disco - MD0.70%
Kano Disco β€” non-MD1.70%
Abuja Disco1.50% (capped at ₦825)
Kaduna Disco1.50%
Enugu Disco β€” MD0.70% (capped at ₦1,000)
Enugu Disco β€” non-MD3.00% (capped at ₦2,000)
Ikeja Disco0.80%
Ibadan Disco0.50%
Airtime/Data (MTN, 9Mobile, GLO, Airtel)2.50%
Cable TV (StarTimes, DSTV, GOTV)2.20%


Please note:

We currently do not offer Yola Disco and Benin Disco. It is a part of our roadmap and will be available soon.


What is MD & non-MD?

MD and non-MD are classes of meters/customers. MD means Maximum Demand and they are used by commercial and industrial customers who consume high levels of electricity and contribute substantially to the revenues of distribution companies.
Non-MD refers to retail customers who consume the typical levels of electricity.