Manage Actions

Learn how to manage a created account

There are four major actions that can be done on any account, and they work similarly. These actions are:

  • Freeze account
  • Unfreeze account
  • Close account
  • Reopen account

The table below shows their respective endpoint URLs.

All you need to do when calling these URLs is to pass the account_id. This specifies which account should be frozen/closed or not.


Helpful Tip:

To perform actions on an account, you must pass the account_id, not the customer_id.

List of endpoint URLs

ActionsOperationEndpoint URLDescription
Freeze accountPUT{accountID}/freeze• You cannot send money out of a frozen account.

• Upgrade KYC tier to successfully unfreeze an account.

• Contact Support if a KYC upgrade doesn't resolve the problem.
Unfreeze accountPUT{accountID}/unfreeze• Restore a frozen account back to "active".
Close accountPUT{accountID}/close• You cannot operate a closed account.

• Account details will not be found / confirmed by a sender

• You cannot send money out of a closed account.
Reopen accountPUT{accountID}/reopen• Restore a closed account back to "active"