Perform a Test Transaction

Learn how to test credit and debit on any account you've created

On Test Mode, you cannot send and receive real money.

However, you want to be able to test how your virtual account would perform in different scenarios like receiving deposits over its defined limits, attempting a withdrawal when it is frozen, etc.

To test transactions on your virtual accounts created in Test Mode, use the Simulation endpoint. This allows you to simulate credit and debit transactions on your account without passing real money.


Important to Note:

The simulation endpoint is different from transfers. You can test internal transfers with the Transfers endpoint. Simulation only allows you to test what it looks like when an account is credited or debited.

Getting Started

To use the Simulation endpoint, all you need is the amount and account_id.

Your amount should always be passed in kobo (i.e., multiply your Naira value by 100 before passing it) and your account_id should be the id of the virtual account you want to fund. They're both required.

ActionOperationEndpoint URL
Credit accountPOST
Debit accountPOST


Important to Note:

The endpoints above only work in Test Mode. They do not work in Live Mode. To test credit and debit transactions in Live Mode, you'll need to transfer in or out of your virtual account to see how it works.